Monday, October 19, 2009

Friends, Festivities, Football and Fun

I can't believe it's already Monday. I really do believe the work week should only be four days. I think working five days and having two off isn't the right balance. I wonder who I should get in touch with about this...

Tonight, I'm doing one of my mini-placements for Junior League. I'm excited about it, but I know it means today will be a very long day.

This weekend was pretty much nonstop.

Friday: Liz and I went to dinner with Adam, Colby and Nick. After dinner, the boys went down to Dave's restaurant and Liz and I went to Target (my second Friday in a row) and rented a movie (New in Town). The movie was cute. I just realized I forgot to take it back. Adam won't be happy about this since I used his card. Sorry!

Saturday: I got up early and went to run errands for Sarah's birthday party. Adam met me for lunch at Jason's Deli. I got there first, so I went in to the boutique that's next to it. Big mistake. Everything in it is cute. And they get new stuff every two weeks. And they only order six of each item (two smalls, two mediums and two larges), so you won't be wearing the same thing as everyone else. And it's reasonably priced. Adam came to meet me in the store, and as soon as he walked in he said he knew it was trouble.

After I got ready, we went and picked up Sarah's cake and headed to the reception (photo of Kelsey and some of the other people I work with). I had a small cake mishap, but I was able to fix it (sort of). Kelsey was a beautiful bride, and the reception location was great. Adam might have walked across the street to watch the Arkansas/Florida game at U.S. Pizza. It was a good game that we should have won.

We all had a lot of fun celebrating Sarah's birthday Saturday night. I even got a photo of Powerhouse's famous kilowat beverage. You're only allowed to have two of them.

Sunday: We had breakfast at the country club and looked at houses. We found one in a neighborhood Adam really likes. I called about it, and of course, it was under contract. That's how it always seems to work out. After driving around for a while, we met some friends at Louie's to watch football. We left Louie's to go to JJ's across town to watch more football and play shuffleboard. Photo: Thomas demonstrating his "pearl snaps." I told him I was definitely putting this photo on the blog. And I did. And I made it home in time to watch Brothers and Sisters.

It was a great weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Can you please start a petition to only work 4 days? I'll be the first to sign :)