Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Workin' girls

I work with three other girls who are my age. We work in what our boss calls "the hub." I thought you  might like to see the fabulous women I work with. You can find Meredith's (far right) blog here and Kelsey's (far left) blog here. This photo was taken at our "summer camp" kickoff party.

We're busy at work, but we find time to chat, and we laugh a lot. I didn't realize it until now, but we're all brunette. It's funny because our direct bosses are blonde.

A few facts about the workin' girls:
  • Kelsey is getting married in 24 days. And she's a great singer (so I hear). Kelsey knows how to twirl a baton.
  • Meredith's boyfriend went to the same college as me. Also, Meredith just started yoga, and she loves it. She was the president of her sorority.
  • Brandy used to work on the same account as me. She's awesome. And she has great taste in music. And Brandy likes coffee as much as I do. Brandy has worked here longer than any of us.
Happy Wednesday!

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MK said...

I have been FOREVER trying to comment on your blog and when I'm at work it NEVER GOES THROUGH. I seriously had tried to comment on like every post! I love your blog, thanks for reading mine, I'm glad that you were moved by Kyle's story, its a tragedy, but a learning experience for us all :)