Friday, September 25, 2009

It's my party

Tonight is my birthday party! But first I'm going to talk about shoes. Last night, I was wearing the shoes you see above. Adam saw them on my feet and said, "Those are hideous." #7,238 thing guys don't understand about women: cute, stylish shoes. He said it looked like I had an old pair of boots that fell apart, so I cut a hole in them. Will I wear them again? Yes. In fact, I'm wearing them to work today. #9,384 thing I love about Adam: his honesty. I can be brutally honest sometimes, so it's nice to have someone who will give me his real opinion.

Back to my birthday party. It's Bikes, Blues and BBQ in Fayetteville, which is a huge motorcycle rally that takes over the downtown area. This rules out going to Dickson Street. Or lots of other places for that matter. Therefore, we are having dinner at Sassy's Red House (delicious) and then going to the Electric Cowboy...OK...are you done laughing yet? I love going there once or twice a year and dancing and having a blast with a huge group of people. That's the only way it's fun. And trust me, we will have fun. And I will be dressed sassy (thanks for your help, Liz). Perhaps in the "hideous shoes." But more than likely in the cowboy boots you see here.

Saturday, I'm headed home to Little Rock for the Taylor Swift concert. My mom bought tickets for me, her, and my sister. It's funny because my sister has always hated country music, but she loves Taylor. I love Taylor too. Again, stop laughing. I've listened to her CD once every day this week.

The rest of the weekend will be super busy, and I have to get ready for my Junior League meeting Monday night. I can't wait to tell you about my fabulous birthday weekend!
"From our birthday, until we die, is but the winking of an eye." -William Butler Yeats
Happy Friday!

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