Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Questions

I just got back from a work trip and let's just say I was outside in the "field" all day yesterday. Therefore, I am going to answer a bunch of questions for today's post (No, I didn't take the time to write my own questions. I got them from someone else's blog.) Enjoy!

1. What are four jobs you've had in your life?
  • Server, TaMolly's Mexican Restaurant
  • Guest service representative, Hampton Inn
  • Clothes finder and hanger upper, Ann Taylor
  • Preschool teacher, Wee Care daycare
  • Please note that all of these jobs were before 2005.
2. If you could have any job, what would it be?
Writer, duh.

3. What are you most afraid of?
Dying. That sounds scary.

4. What are four movies you could watch over and over?
  • Pretty Woman
  • Ghostbusters
  • Life is Beautiful
  • Love Actually
5. What are four places you have been on vacation?
  • London and Oxford, England
  • Paris, France
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Many places in Florida
6. What are four websites you visit daily?
  • Facebook (I can't help it.)
  • Google
  • TMZ (completely necessary)
  • (I'm addicted to this girl's blog. No, I don't know her. No, I'm not weird...)
7. Favorite fast food restaurant?
Slim Chickens

8. Bedtime?
10:30 p.m. if I'm going to boot camp.

9. How many pets do you have?
That's hard...I guess technically, none. But I will always love Sandy dog (first dog), Gabby (childhood cat that died a few weeks ago), Pumpkin (golden retriever who I could write a whole post about), Lucy (the best beagle ever--again, I could write a whole post about for better reasons), Bailey (my parents' blind dog who I love oh so much), and last, but certainly not least, is Maggie. Maggie is (was) my cat. Maggie is still alive and now goes by the name Max and has a happy family who hopefully loves him as much as I do even though I know that's not possible. Oh, and there's my sister's cat Zoe. She's adorable.

10. Favorite smell?
Christmas. Yes, I realize this is a noun. Nouns can have smells.

11. What do you consider the most overrated virtue?
Moderation. Don't tell me to slow down.

12. What is the most important quality in your friends?
Honesty and the ability to understand.

13. What is your most marked characteristic?
I talk. A lot.

14. What is your worst quality?
I can be selfish. I'm not an only child. I love to do nice things for other people. I love my family and friends and they mean the world to me, but sometimes I put myself before others too much.

15. What is important in life?
The relationships you have with those you love. Shoes are important, too.

16. Who is your favorite fictional character?
Anne Shirley from Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables. I also love Jo March from Little Women.

17. Is lying ever OK?
Absolutely--when the truth could be irrevocably damaging.

18. Who are your five favorite characters in history?
I changed it to five. I had more than four. Oh well. And most are women...I guess I'm partial.
  • Socrates
  • Jane Austen
  • Diana, Princess of Wales (I will always love her. Don't judge before you know her accomplishments.)
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Jane Addams
19. What is it that you most dislike?

20. What is your motto?
If you don't ask, your answer is automatically "no."

"I went looking for my dreams outside of myself and discovered it's not what the world holds for you. It's what you bring to it." -Anne (with an "e") Shirley

*Photo: My friend Rebecca and I dancing at her wedding in May.

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