Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grape Festival

Grapes Galore (not really)

Adam and I went to the 111th Tontitown Grape Festival last night. We decided to go Tuesday because I will be out of town for work for the rest of the festival. I would call it a carnival. After talking to my grandmother on the phone before we went, I assumed there would be spaghetti. Nope. Not on Tuesday. The spaghetti (Tontitown is famous for Italian food) is only Friday and Saturday. Due to the lack of spaghetti, we got some grape (you heard me right) ice cream, walked around and ate it, and had a nice lady take our photo. She asked if we wanted the "corn dog" in the background. Absolutely.

After the cones were devoured (and a few drops to the white dress) due to the extreme August heat, we promptly left and headed to Mama Z's for dinner. I had never been there before either. It's a small Italian cafe. I had a BLT. I just couldn't eat pasta because I was so hot (the restaurant wasn't exactly cool). Adam had spaghetti and fried chicken (I think that's weird). I had a bite of the spaghetti, and it was delicious. My BLT was wonderful, and the tomatoes tasted home grown. Overall, I give Mama Z's a 6 out of 10. If it was cooler inside, I might go up a point.

As for the Grape Festival...I'm not sure I would recommend it. Although, I can't fairly judge since we didn't participate in any of the authentic events such as the grape stomping, the free entertainment, the arts and craft fair, or the Queen Concordia pagent.

After dinner, we decided to drive around and look at houses. This is something we do often. Adam really wants to buy a house, and I love to look. We just happened to drive by the Duggars' house. OK, Adam had to turn around, and I made him drive by slowly and take a photo. He had to take it because I missed it the first time. Whoops. Thanks, Adam! You can't see from the photo, but two of the girls were sitting on the front porch. There were about seven cars in the driveway. I'm sure many of them were TLC production vehicles. So, yes, I am one of those people. I can't help it. I think the family is fascinating...and they are putting themselves out there by having a reality TV show. I can't blame them. If someone paid me to film what I do every day, I would say yes. Any takers???

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