Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Gas Can

My unlucky day
It's not the kind you're thinking of. I'm referring to the trash can at a local Valero station, which is now my favorite gas station. Who cares if the gas is 10 cents more? Oh wait...I do care. But, I was very thankful for its trash can yesterday.

Why, you ask? Well, as I was pumping up the good ole Honda, I decided to throw some trash away. The usual stuff-receipts, water bottle, laffy taffy wrapper, my debit card...whoops. Normally, I would never have thought about my debit card, but for some reason, I did--right before I was driving away. After checking my purse and realizing it wasn't there...I knew exactly where it was. "Please don't let the trash can be wet and full of 'spit cans.'" This was my first thought.

My lucky day
Guess what? The ONLY trash in the trash can was mine. Not a drip of water. Not a piece of chewed gum. I should have taken a picture. I apologize. My hands got a little sticky from the laffy taffy wrapper, but hey, that's OK! I don't think that's ever happened before--a clean trash can, that is. I know many people have thrown away their debit cards. That's what I tell myself.

Needless to say, I safely recovered the card and placed it in my wallet where it belongs (but never is).

I hope everyone else gets lucky this week!

Happy Friday Eve!

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