Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stye-day Friday.

I think had a stye one time when I was younger. I think a lot of things become less dramatic as you get older--but styes are not one of them for me. Friday, I suddenly felt a pain inside my eyelid. Yep, I have a stye. Inside my eye. Thank goodness this isn't happening three months from now. Because if it happens now, surely it won't happen right before the wedding. Right?

I chose not to take a photo and show you.

It's much better now, which is good because this weekend is our big Junior League New Member retreat. And remember--that's my committee! This means I'm ridiculously busy this week. As if that's something new ...

Three other things that happened this weekend:

  • The sun chose to burn me. That's what happens when it's 104 degrees. 
  • I REALLY beat Adam in bowling. I scored 175! 
  • Adam modeled his new swimsuit. OK, so he was just walking and I obnoxiously took a photo. Same thing. 

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