Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Two weekends ago
Last weekend (as in the one more than a week ago), two of my college friends came to visit--Katie and Nikki. Audrey also came. She's Katie's friend from nursing school, and she was a bridesmaid in Katie's wedding last June.

Girl weekends are so much fun. Something about having friends stay the whole weekend with you brings you back to the good old days of sleepovers--when your biggest worry was about the 9th grade boy you had a crush one.

One of our goals was to look at bridesmaid dresses, which we sort of did. By the time we got around to it Saturday, the dress store was closed. So, we did the next best thing and went to David's Bridal. There were a couple of dresses I liked, but they don't have the color I want, so it was pointless. But fun!

We also missed Body Attack Saturday morning. I think I'm to blame since I stayed up until 3 a.m. Thursday night cleaning (moving my junk into the garage).
Sarah joined us for dinner Saturday night at Wasabi.

I ran into Amanda, a friend and former co-worker, at 21st Amendment.
Nikki, Katie, Sarah, Allison, Audrey. Where's Colleen? She met us for dinner, too!
Scarlet and Katie met us at 21st Amendment. Beautiful girls!
Most recent weekend
This weekend was a different kind of fun. Mr. A's sister turned 30 Friday, so we went to the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa to celebrate. A northwest Arkansas band (Boom Kinetic) was playing at the Casino's "club," Friction. It was a great night. Too bad all my photos are 100 percent blurry. 

Why so blurry super fab camera?
After eating two buffets at two different casinos Saturday (I make it sound worse than it really was because I don't love buffets; therefore I don't much), the boy and I decided we needed to get some exercise. So, we spent Saturday night throwing a football and took a long walk around the 'hood.

Sunday, Mr. A had to leave for El Paso. It's his last week there! Then he will be home for a week before he heads to Iowa (or is it Ohio?) ... his job is pretty glamorous.

As my life seems to be, this week is insanely busy. My Junior League placement for next year is vice chair of New Member committee, and tonight is our meeting for prospective members. I'm so excited about next year.

Also, with two weeks until our engagement pictures, I'm kicking my booty into high (a higher) gear and trying to magically make myself look like a Victoria's Secret model by next Saturday. OK, that's not possible, but you know what I mean. Good thing we're not doing a swimsuit shoot.

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