Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm alive! And a crazy ab workout.

I think I'm still recovering from an exhausting weekend with friends. And I've been ridiculously busy this week. The amount of things I have to get done between this very second and tomorrow is insane. Truly.

Once I upload the fun photos from my camera, I will post about the great weekend I had. And tomorrow is the start of another great weekend because Mr. A is here!

For your viewing pleasure, here are a couple photos from my phone that I took last weekend.

First, we had to go to Target to pick up some necessary items. Seriously, necessary though. Not just an excuse. Someone forgot her undergarmets. So, we all decided to pick up some.

Nikki and Katie are both bridesmaids in the wedding.

Ready for a night on the town! My friend Katie (the blonde above) let me borrow her cute dress.

We have this amazing trainer who comes to my office twice a week. She works at the gym where I'm a member, and she's fantastic. Sometimes, I think she tries to punish us, though.

Tuesday's ab workout was a perfect example. Try it at your own risk!

• High knees: 2 minutes
• Sit up and twist (use dumb bell): 10x each side
• Reverse crunches (hold dumb bell between feet): 20x
• Hip raises (feet to ceiling): 20x SLOW
• Upper body circles (with dumb bell): 15x each side
• Lower body circles: 15x each side
• Bicycle crunches: 30x each side
• Squat and raise dumb bells over head: 25x
• Alternate straight legs over dumb bell (set dumb bell upright on ground): 10x each side
• Oblique double crunches (on your side): 15x each side
• Throw downs with partner: 20x
• Reach up to toes: 30x
• Mini double crunches: 30x
• Seated “in and out” crunches (knees to right then to left =1): 20x
• Pushups with leg raise: 20x (10 each side)
• One leg bicycle crunch: 10x each side
• Cross over crunches: 20x each side
• Alternating hip raises: 20x each leg
• Stability ball crunches: 40x
• Scissor kicks (on back with hands under hips): 20x (right over left then left over right=1)
• Regular crunches: 40x
• Mountain climbers: 30x each leg

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