Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vending machine coffee.

I've worked at my company for 1 year and and almost three months. Today is the second day I've ever bought "coffee" from a vending machine. 
My face is scary because I did RPM (spin) at lunch, took a shower, and didn't reapply makeup.
Deal with it.
I'm not sure it's actually coffee since I chose the "French Vanilla." It was 65 cents. Is it a latte? Maybe. Could it be a cappuccino? Perhaps.
I'm not complaining at 65 cents, but this cup is definitely not thick enough to contain the hotness.
I nearly made the walk back to my desk a hazard zone.
Will I need to brush my teeth after I drink due to the amount of sugar? Definitely.

I hope you're making it through the afternoon better than me! I really bought the coffee because I'm freezing.

What do you do in the afternoon when you're tired (and cold)?

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