Friday, March 4, 2011

October 29.

I've been such a terrible blogger this week.

I apologize.

My head has been spinning.

I'm so excited!

But still overwhelmed.

I thought I would be better at this!

Things you need to know about the proposal:
  • It was so sweet.
  • He definitely got down on one knee. :)
  • I didn't cry, which is nuts because I cry all the time. I was just shocked and soooo excited!
  • It happened at my grandparents' lake house, which is the house we've all gathered at for years for holidays (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, etc.). It has great memories. It's where Adam's gotten to know and spend time with my family. He said he knew how special the place is for me.
  • I love my fam!
  • It happened Friday, Feb. 25. He said he planned to wait until Saturday, but he was nervous and when an opportunity came up, he went for it!

Totally posed.

I got to spend time celebrating with my grandparents and family (over the phone). Saturday was perfect, but Sunday was better because I got to spend time with my family. Sadly, I didn't get any photos Sunday. I think I was exhausted. I was so excited, I didn't sleep much that weekend.

Saturday at the horse races. Making bets.
Leave me alone. I'm trying to text.

Seriously, I'm on the phone.

OK, I will take a picture with a weird photo setting.

Saturday night at Smyly's. There was a song about sunglasses on, obviously.

Sara, Adam's sister, demonstrating Adam's favorite hairstyle.
We're pretty sure Oct. 29 is the date. Eeek! It's about 8 months away. Woah! I always thought I would wait longer, but I don't want to get married in the spring, and summer 2012 is too far away!
OMG, there's so much to do!
Happy Friday, ya'll!

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