Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend in paradise.

Yep, those are trash bags. My boots are technically "water" proof, but I didn't want my feet to be cold all night.
Vanilla scented trash bags in case you were wondering. 
We heart our snow paradise.
OK ... I wouldn't exactly call this paradise.

This is more of my idea of paradise.

But I did have a fantastically wonderful winter weekend with my friends. We had people over to watch the super bowl. But amazingly, I didn't take a single photo. Adam thanked me.

Sarah likes to pose in the snow. 

Adam likes to drink beer in the snow. 

We like to go to hole in the wall bars that are .2 seconds away from our homes in the snow. 

The boy's sister and husband like to dance in the snow. 
Mr. A also likes to play pool in the snow. 
I don't know these people, but they like to sing karaoke in the snow. 
And guess what? It's supposed to snow again tonight. So. not. excited. Honestly, if I didn't have a magazine deadline at work (meaning I must come in to work on layout), then I would be way more excited because I could work from home. Not the case.

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