Monday, January 31, 2011

Thinspiration. And weekends.

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Do you use other people as inspiration? I think we all do. Whether it’s someone whose work ethic you admire, or someone who you think is just a good person.

Then there are people who we just want to steal their bodies. Sure, we might admire them for other reasons (but probably not). Not literally, but you know what I mean. Someone you see and think, I want abs just like that. Yes, I know we should all be happy with what we’ve got, but that can be hard.

For me, it’s not one particular person. But I do find myself tearing out pages of Women’s Health in hopes that these fit, healthy women will be an inspiration to me.
How can you not love Ashley Greene?
Do you watch Jersey Shore? I don’t really, but the ladies have been all over the gossip mags lately for their weight loss. I think J-Woww look s pretty awesome. The 5’7” Jersey girl has lost about 20 lbs. (I saw this picture on Skinny Runner's blog.)
She recently said she's completely stopped drinking. I'm not so sure about that.
Moving on.

My weekend was fabulous because I beat the boy in one game of bowling. Sure, he beat me in the other two games, but that one game is all that matters. I’m somewhat competitive. It was also fabulous because I got a pair of Justin Timberlake's William Rast jeans (from Target), and I'm in love. Go buy some now if there's a Target near you.
I'm third on the screen. He's fourth. :)
I can never do this right.
I promise I didn't crop out the Miller Lite in my hand.
Other weekend activities included dinner at one of my favorite places: Herman’s. We celebrated Steven’s birthday. Steven is the husband of Ragan, one of my BFFs from junior high/high school. I’m so glad she lives in NWA with me.
Mr. A's dinner. A hamburger patty with "The Gear."
My garlic chicken! The best sauce. Ever. I didn't eat the toast.
Happy birthday, Steven!
Ragan made delicious German chocolate cupcakes, but I ate it so quickly I didn’t get a picture.

Happy Monday!

I actually like Mondays because it’s always nice to get back on the healthy track after a few weekend mishaps.

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