Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chicago: The beginning.

I took approximately 8 million pictures. I know you only care about 2.7 million of them. So here's the beginning...

Things have been crazy lately, so it was nice to get these after coming back to Fayetteville from Christmas holiday. We left for Chicago the following morning (Wednesday, Dec. 29).

The last time I was supposed to get pink roses, they arrived red.
Chicago Day One

The trip started off with tons of walking around the Magnificent Mile area. It was pretty chilly, and there was still a lot of snow on the ground.

We ate lunch at Food Life in the Water Tower shops. It was pretty cool. I definitely recommend it for a fairly quick and delicious lunch.

 Day one included a lot of walking around. It was the boy's first time in the city!

I have a thing about anything related to communication. Must. take. photo. with. 

See? I wasn't joking. 

This was on the way back to the hotel before dinner. We were getting tired. 

Who orders the veggie plate as an appetizer at a pizza place? We do!

Obviously health was the main concern...

This was our FIRST pizza of the trip. Yes, I said first (meaning there was another). This one was from Pizzeria Uno. It's a cute little pizza place on Ohio Street I believe (that's probably not correct). It was a second location about a block away called Pizzeria Due. It's not a chain. I promise. :) 

Just waiting to eat.
Outside the original water tower building.
It was one of the few buildings that survived the huge Chicago fire in the late 1800s.

I'm shiny and full.
Chicago Day Two

After breakfast at Corner Bakery, the first thing we did was walk up to Millennium Park. It was a cold, rainy day.

Great photo of me and some green tarp.

I'm not good at this "photo in the bean" thing.
Do you know what the "bean" is really called? I heard it a million times, but now I can't remember.
Still not good at the "photo in the bean." I'm thinking, "Is it starting to rain hard?"

After Millennium Park, we walked all the way to the museum campus. In the rain. We stopped for a few photos along the way.
This is outside of Grant Park close to the Buckingham Fountain.

I thought this was hilarious. Obviously, it is.

Buckingham Fountain is not as pretty when it's off.

I have no clue why there is a Lincoln statue here.

Adam doesn't have a clue, either.
And we made it to the Field Museum! 

To be continued...

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Kelsey said...

How fun! I've only been to Chicago in the summer. Is that deep dish Chicago pizza I see? I'm loving the white coat, by the way.