Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Touring homes.

Sunday, the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas had its annual Winter Dreams Home Tour. Last year, I had to work at the event. This year, I signed up for a different event so I could go to this one.

The morning started off with breakfast at Common Grounds with friends. Then we spent the ENTIRE day driving around NWA touring homes.

A delicious peppermint mocha to start the day.

I hope you enjoy my festive additions. The only hat that was straight was the top hat. Too bad it's the ugliest.
I loved it.

But I knew I would. I’m one of those people who loves looking at open houses and floor plan books and design magazines.

We drove around one of the neighborhoods to look at the beautiful homes.

I'm sure they would let me move in. I'll take the left side, they can have the right.
Plus, it’s always interesting to get a sneak peek into other people’s lives…maybe that’s why I love gossip magazines.

More than anything, it definitely put in the holiday spirit. Ho, ho, ho!


Angie said...

How fun! I love touring homes and getting ideas for my own!

Rachel P said...

Gaw, I love that stuff!! When I was in high school I would buy home plan magazines... dorky, I know!