Thursday, December 16, 2010

Recycled dresses. Help!

OK. I'm not talking about that kind of recycling.

I have a slight problem. It comes in the form of not wanting to wear an outfit twice for "big" events. But this dress I borrowed from my sister for a bachelorette party this summer is so cute. I think it would be perfect for NYE. I actually think my sister wore it last NYE.
Photobucket Photobucket
Sequins seem to be popular right now, and I love the dress. I would probably add tights since it will be FREEZING in Chicago. It's the right style for my body type. But I've already worn it (meaning I'm afraid I won't get that feeling you get when you're wearing something new that you love). Oh, the decisions to make! Should I wear it with tights or try to find something new?


Angie said...

Wear it! That dress is adorable!!
I'm the same way...I have a hard time wearing the same thing twice to big events.

Anonymous said...

Your dress is very cute for NYE and would look great with tights. :)