Friday, December 10, 2010

Merry kitchen queens.

I love Kitchen Queens. It’s such a wonderful group of girls, and we have so much fun just sitting around and chatting. And eating, of course.

Last night, we all joined at Allie’s gorgeous house for a merry celebration. The food was delicious, and I think every single one of us wished we didn’t have to work today so we could stay and continue our girl talk.

Baby Cash is a star!

Sarah with baby Cash. We love Allie's little boy!


Girl talk!

Someone stole my seat. Thanks, Diggy.

Alicia ran 6 miles before she arrived. She's training for the Little Rock Marathon. Go Alicia!

Allie loved the dip I brought. I can't blame her. It's delicious.

Scarlet and Diggy!

Liz is thrilled about this photo. I promise she approved the usage. :)
 We started our Kitchen Queens group in June (or July—can’t remember), and I can’t believe it’s already December!

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Jennifer said...

I want to start one of these groups, but I'm not sure what "the rules" are. Is it like a pot luck where everyone brings a dish, or are we supposed to actually cook the meal together? DOes it matter? lol