Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It’s all in the pic-a-nic basket.

We had a fun-filled Halloween weekend.
It was my turn to make the birthday cake at work. I went
with Halloween cupcakes. It only took me...3 hours...
 Friday night: Halloween party. I think we make pretty cute bears.
Hey, Boo Boo!

I thought Yogi was supposed to carry the basket?

Where's Wanda?
And how did I not get a picture with my Nascar driving friends?

Saturday: Football game.
Not our best picture, but it works.

Sunday: I made the most delicious pot of chili and passed out candy to the trick or treaters. Well, I passed out candy until I started getting mad because every time I opened the door there were a billion teenagers not dressed up with Walmart sacks expecting me to give them candy. Here’s one piece, thank you very much. THAT did not make me happy. I turned the porch light off shortly after this started happening. But guess what? They still rang the doorbell. Sorry, folks. This candy shop is closed.

Monday: Sorry for the lack of blogging. My throat hurts every time I swallow. And even when I don’t. Is there a rule on how many cough drops one person should eat?

And if you do nothing else today, do these two things:

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Ya'll are so cute! Great pictures! :)