Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Did you know? Magazine finds.

I read a TON of magazines. I mean it’s ridiculous.

You might even call it an obsession. But I believe in the Power of Print.

Here are a few things I learned in Fitness magazine this month that might interest you:

  • You burn 672 calories in a traditional hour-long spin class.
This is the one class I've never tried. It's a little intimidating.
  • At some gyms, you have to sign up for cardio machines. Man, I hope that’s never my gym. I would HATE that.
Time slots? No thanks.
  • There is a faux fryer that can prepare two pounds of fries with one tablespoon of oil. It got an OK rating by Fitness. They said the fries basically taste the same as baked fries, so save your dough and don’t buy the machine.
If you want real fries, you should eat real fries. Just not every day. Or even every other day.
  • Use champagne for radiant skin. Combine one cup sugar and one cup plain yogurt with one-quarter cup of champagne. Gently rub the mixture all over your body and rinse. Hmm…what if you drink the champagne while using the sugar/yogurt scrub? Same effect?
A little bubbly...for your face.
  • A study revealed 13 percent of women leave their makeup on when working out. Um…I’m definitely one of those 13 percent. In fact, I think all the women at my gym are. I’ve never seen someone come in and change from work clothes and then take her makeup off before heading into the gym.
Happy Tuesday! I have Junior League tonight, a hair appointment tomorrow, and a Junior League social and Kitchen Queens Thursday. It will be Friday before I know it.

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