Monday, November 8, 2010

Back to the healthy way.

I know it sounds crazy, but last night, every time I tried to lie down and go to sleep, I couldn’t stop coughing. Sitting up…not a problem…but lying down…can’t. stop. coughing. The kind of cough that sounds like I’ve been smoking for 80 years.

With all the smoke in the casino Friday night, it’s completely legitimate to say I had a smoker’s cough, right?

After a four-hour nap, Friday (can that be called a nap?), I was feeling a wee bit better, and the boy and I decided to make the trip to Cherokee (our local Indian casino). It’s actually a lot of fun, and we even planned to stay the night.

After (finally) leaving the casino Saturday, we ran a few errands and then headed to “the barn” to watch the Razorbacks win. I first blogged about the barn back in January.
Baby Hudson loves the barn.

Adam actually bought new clothes Saturday. What?

This is where we watched the game...I told just have to see it.

Adam...sitting under a giant elephant. :)

Ugh...I hate blogger and the fact that it won't do vertical pictures correctly. But this is a giant range.

No one could remember how to play, so we just built stuff.
Our friend Natalie’s parents have this “barn” that’s pretty fabulous. It’s not really a barn, but that’s what everyone calls it so I go along with it. It’s really big, nice room that’s full of crazy animals. It’s something you can’t really describe with words.

Sunday was lazy. We had breakfast at the Iron Skillet or the Frying Pan or something like that…I can’t remember the name. And I’m actually glad to start the new week and get back into the healthy swing of things. Yes, I said I’m glad it’s Monday.
Razorback waffle at Sunday's breakfast.

And this week is BUSY with a capital “B.” Busy=time flies by=weekend comes faster!

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