Friday, September 10, 2010

Kitchen Queens and themes.

I love things that are totally girly, and Kitchen Queens is one of them. I mean come on…what’s better than a bunch of girls bringing delicious food and getting together to chat?

Last night’s theme was “tailgating” for obvious reasons, and the food was FANTASTIC. That’s probably why I gained a pound. I think my favorite was the peanut butter no-bake cookies. They were as delicious as they sound.
We hung out in Colleen's newly finished sunroom. It's gorgeous.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. But I did snap a few phone photos.

Yep, I finally weighed in this morning. If you don’t remember, I’m doing a weight loss competition at work. There are only four weeks left. My goal is 10 percent, and I have about 6 percent to go. Today was the first time I weighed since before I left for vacay. Whoops.
Clearly, we love the Razorbacks around here.

Back to Kitchen Queens. There were only eight of us there last night, but it was still fabulous. There were a couple new girls, which is always fun. And we missed all the girls who couldn't make it.
Yum. Eating, drinking and girl time.

One of my favorite things about KQ is themes concept. It brings me back to college. Do you like theme-related festivities?
I know my posting has been a little irregular and slow this week, but I’ve been sick, busy with work and Junior League and the short week made it more difficult.

I hope to play catch up this weekend.

Oh, and you guessed it…I’m going to another wedding! This one is a friend I’ve known since my freshman year of college. She’s one of my bff’s bff. Got it?

I know it will be beautiful and fun and make a great blog post next week.

Happy weekending to you!

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