Monday, September 13, 2010

Beautiful wedding weekend #3.

A beautiful arrival.
With five weddings in a row, most of my weekend recaps involve wedding festivities, and this weekend was no different.

This weekend, my friend Annslee got married. She’s in Jamaica, but I’m here to tell you how beautiful her wedding was.
Friday night: Spent time at JJ's Chill and Grill with good friends.

Everything from the ceremony to her dress to the bridesmaids to the reception tables and food was gorgeous.
Pre-wedding I saw this boat--the boy's dream boat.
A little bigger than his current Cobalt...
Small pre-wedding crisis: I melted plastic on my
curling iron, which was then transferred to my hair.

Perfect weather for an outdoor ceremony.
Table in center for wedding party.
I think the pictures speak for themselves. So, this will be a weekend recap via pics. My favorite kind.

His favorite part is always the ice sculpture.
We (OK, it was all me) definitely made candy bags.
I love her dress.
A million delicious flavors. Between four people, we tried five flavors.
Ragan! She was the matron of honor. I blogged about her wedding back in March.  
There was a photo booth where we made scrapbook pages.
So much fun.
Photo booth fun. I chose a cowboy hat for my actual booth time.
Indiana Jones?
The joker?
Why are fake mustaches so much fun?
We did lots of this.
Because the band (Boom Kinetic) was amazing.
They even got on the dance floor with us.
The bouquets were beautiful. We were excited Ragan found hers.
The lovely newlyweds during the dance circle.
Happy Monday!
P.S. I'm serious about The Biggest Loser this week. Friday will be a GOOD day.

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