Monday, September 27, 2010

Facts of Life.

Facts of Life.

Birthday cake from co-workers.
Liz at La Huerta.
Today is my 26th birthday, and it’s off to a great start. I will tell you about my weekend tomorrow, but today’s all about my birthday! I’m a kid when it comes to holidays. I think I always will be.

Ragan and Steven at La Huerta.

Colleen at La Huerta.

  • My wonderful boyfriend and friends surprised me with a dinner last night. I love them. Ragan even got me one of the items on my birthday list: a subscription to Runner’s World. You should read her blog, Pistol in Pumps. She’s pretty fab. 
  • Adam and Alli at La Huerta.
    Birthday cube!
    Birthday desk confetti!
  •  My wonderful co-workers decorated my cube and got me a sweet card and cake.
  •  My wonderful boss, who knows me oh so well, got me a Starbucks gift card.
    This is the Starbucks where I got my birthday coffee. Just a little peek into my daily life.
    For my family who won't get to see me today, here I am on my birthday!
    And check out my nail polish. It's the first time I've ever gone dark, and I like it.
  • The boy is also bringing my favorite salad for lunch. It’s a fresh berry salad from the famous Rick’s Bakery. If you’ve never had it, go get one. Today. You even get free dessert!
  • I had my teeth cleaned this morning. My birthday started out cavity free! (I just need to floss in the back more…it’s so hard!)
  • For dinner, I’m going to Bonefish with the boy.
  • I’ve already gotten tons of sweet messages on Facebook from my family and friends. I love them.
  • This morning, I got the best phone call from my dad, who played me a birthday song. He always brings a smile to my face.
  • As an early birthday activity, we saw The Town. Ben Affleck does a stellar job. You should definitely go see the movie.
  • I accidently bought 19 ounces of gummy bears at Walgreen’s yesterday. Not the best idea as a movie snack. Good thing I have big purse to shove giant bags of gummies in. I had to buy the big bag, though. It was $3 for 19 ounces or $1.50 for 5 ounces. Duh. 
  • It’s a beautiful day today. I can’t remember it ever raining on my birthday. I love the early fall weather.
  • I love birthday cake, and I’ve had some awesome cakes in the past. One year, Ragan got me a princess cake that was very tasty. Sarah, Colleen and Liz got me a cake last year that had the most delicious strawberry filling. But the best cake I’ve ever had, hands down, was when I turned 5 or 6, and my grandma made me a Wizard of Oz cake. It even had cake people on top. One day, I will find a picture to show you how awesome it was. She’s a fantastic baker.
Happy Monday!

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