Tuesday, August 3, 2010

White is the new peach.

I eat 75 percent of my daily sustenance at my desk. Is that sad?

No, I'm not an apple.
This morning, I was so excited about my white peach. But after one bite, I knew it just wasn’t time for that little peach. It was crunchy like an apple. I had about three more bites and then I just couldn’t do it anymore. '
I like to use my fine china at breakfast.
I call it "the napkin."
I wanted to add more peanut butter.
I controlled myself.
I moved on to the best part of this morning’s breakfast: an everything bagel thin with a light coating of peanut butter. So. Delicious.
Go try the Thomas everything bagel thin
if you haven't. Do it today.
Although, I’m still sad about my white peach. I’m not patient enough to wait on my fruit.

Edited to add: See...here's lunch at my desk after a nice lunch-time workout: My own version of a fresh berry salad. Tip: If you put a little Splenda on the strawberries before you add to the salad, it makes it super delicous.

*Phone photos—hence the quality…

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