Friday, August 20, 2010

Vacay update. Day one.

Thoughts so far:

  • The resort has far exceeded my expectations so far. They've gone above and beyond what would be considered normal. I love it.
  • My delicious lunch at the buffet.
    The boy's lunch at the buffet. I didn't get a picture
    of the dessert. It was my favorite.
    It rained for a short time today, but it's beautiful right now!
  • I know a lot of people are concerned about service. We've only eaten at the buffet so far, and I will be honest. It did take a while to get our drink. But you know what? I had some fresh watermelon juice while I waited for my adult beverage (not to mention some great food), and it didn't bother me at all. I had two separate servers come ask me if I needed anything while I waited on my beverage. I'm still not sure why it took so long to make it, but if you are that picky you probably should just stay at home.
  • The waves are pretty big today, but not so big you can't get in the water. The water is beautiful, and there definitely spots that you can get in that don't have coral.
  • This is me right now. Except I'm sitting on the
    balcony wearing my matching white slippers.
    I'm in heaven.
    Everybody has to eat. We could
    not stop laughing about this.
  • Beyond waiting for a drink at the buffet, all other drinks have been quick. In fact, upon returning to our room after spending time at the beach and pool, we found champagne and fruit waiting. I'm drinking a glass as I type this. ☺
  • The drinks of the day are:
    • Mayan Rose: Rum, amaretto, coconut cream, grenadine, condensed milk, banana
    • Drinking a Fantasy, one of the drinks of the day.
      Thanks for the terrible photo angle, Adam.
    • Fantasy: orange juice, yogurt, coconut cream, peach slice, guava juice, strawberry
  • I had the Fantasy. It tastes like the most delicious smoothie you could ever imagine.
  • The boy is loving the hammocks. If you recall, it's what I got
    him for his birthday. So you know he loves these things.
  • There are so many places to sit around the pool and by the beach. Seriously. I can't imagine not getting a spot. We spent about two hours lying on the Bali beds today. Pure bliss.
  • We plan to dine at the Asian restaurant tonight. I can't wait! I'm already hungry...

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Rene said...

You have no idea how happy I am to see this!!! Thank you so much!! Just makes me that much more anxious for our trip in October!!! Oh, is the Fantasy alcoholic or non???? You are super cute by the way! Can't wait to see more!!! Have an amazing time!!!

Rene xo