Thursday, August 5, 2010

Those things that hold the corn on the cob.

It’s the little things in life that make me happiest. Last night, it was using the corn on the cob holders I bought over a year ago. Who cares if they were from the $1 bins at Target? I don’t. I took a picture of them with my phone, and my phone is in my car, and it’s 8 million degrees outside, and I’m drinking my coffee, and I just don’t feel like walking the 9.7 million miles from my desk to my car.

But the photo you see gives you an idea of what I’m talking about. Did you use these when you were growing up? I was shocked to find out that the boy never used the things you stick in the end to hold your corn.
We had a million of these and loved to use them. I love that they are shaped like miniature corn.

We actually cooked last night, which is something we rarely do since we don’t live together. We usually either eat on our own, go out to eat, or pick something up. Not the healthiest option, so I love when we cook.

We had turkey sausage, only because it was about expire, asparagus and corn on the cob. I had some sautéed mushrooms. Adam thinks they’re gross. And I cut up a cantaloupe for dessert.

I am so sore from my Tuesday workout. I did Body Flow at lunch yesterday (it’s a combination of yoga, pilates and tai chi), and I debated running after work. However, I don’t want to injure myself.

Half marathon update

I NEED to start running more.

I know I’ve mentioned I plan on running a half marathon. Well, first I was going to do one in Joplin in October. Then the boy said that wasn’t a good choice because it is the same weekend as a football game we like to go to that’s in Dallas. The next option was one in Tulsa in November. Well, I found out recently the new Fayetteville Half Marathon has been moved to December 12. So, this is the one I’m doing. I think doing one in NWA is a good choice for my first big race. I will feel more comfortable since I live here, there won’t be any traveling expenses, and ALL my friends can come support me. I know they’ll be super excited about this.


Ragan said...

VERY stoked to be able to come out to support you. It will be a huge accomplishment. I need to tell Stevo to look into it. Website?

Allison said...

Yes! The website is!