Monday, August 16, 2010

Boy, I think that I'm in love with you.

Yes, those are the lyrics from the Jessica Simpson song. I popped in an old college dance team warm up CD on my way to work this morning, and that song was on the CD. What’s not to love about some JS and Holla’ back girl (mixed with a little Janet Jackson)?

I spent the weekend with my wonderful grandparents, and on Sunday, I even got to see my parents, sister and her bf. I was having such a great time, I didn’t think to take photos.

Saturday: My grandmother and I went to Gene Lockwood's and Dick's Sporting Goods. I got some Chaco’s. Not so glamorous, but I need them! And I got a couple new running outfits. I seriously love workout clothes. I'm lucky to have grandparents who do so much for me! I seriously have the best fam. We spent the afternoon baking some delicious banana nut bread and just hanging out. I might have taken a two-hour nap.  
I'm a dork because I'm
actually excited about my new shoes.
Hey, you can't
wear heels with EVERYTHING.

I tested this one out. We
kicked shorts to the curb.
Sunday: After a run in my new gear and a quick swim, I was very sad to leave my grandparents' house. But I will see them again in about a month! In Branson, actually. Maybe I could wear my Chaco's in Branson and win the super cool award. But hey, I will be the first to say I love Branson. And the shoes are comfortable. It's not like I'm going to wear them with a dress to dinner. At least not for the next 10 years. 

I always hate to leave their house. But I was happy about seeing my parents/sister/Paul (the sister's British bf). I would like him even if he wasn't British, but you know everyone loves to hear the lovely accent!

He's building a house (very close to my parents), and I got to go with them to hear about all the fun things they get to pick out. I'm slightly jealous.

We had a great dinner and watched a little TV. Totally not exciting, but sometimes it’s great to have a weekend like this. It was perfect.

Sidenote: Have you ever watched Southern Belles: Louisville? If not, go to Hulu and watch it. My roomie, Liz, told  me about it, and I'm addicted.

Now, after driving the three hours from parents’ house to work, I’m ready to tackle this week so I can go on vacay! (Thanks for waking me up, Dad. When I'm in NWA, I don't have a personal alarm clock to get me up when I subconsciously turn off my alarm!)

I heart running skirts.
Things I learned this weekend:

  • It’s much easier to peel a banana from the bottom. My grandmother (Mamaw) taught me this. Who knew?
  • How to make banana nut bread like a pro.
  • It’s so much easier for me to run in a skirt than in shorts. Shorts make me run awkwardly because they ride up in the middle. I even attribute shorts to a foot injury in May. If you have this problem, you know how AWFUL it is.
I got this tank in orange, too. It's the
Under Armour Victory tank, and it's
perfect for hot weather.

Countdown: Four days

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