Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to the (hair) basics.

Well, folks, as the summer fades away, so have my highlights.

Thanks to Clairol Perfect 10, I'm back to my faux natural self. Yep, I did it myself. I would never, ever do highlights myself, but going darker is fairly easy. And I've had years of practice.

Sure, I made my mom mad a few times growing up because I got hair dye all over EVERYTHING in the bathroom. Mom, you'd be happy to know I've grown up.

The highlights were fun for the summer, but I'm happy to be back on the dark side.

Ignore the bad phone quality. I'm trying
to be quick here.
Yes, I realize there's a random piece of
hair sticking out. I fixed it!

What do you think?

1 comment:

Gracie said...

I meant to say tonight - I like it a lot! You can really pull off dark hair!