Friday, July 2, 2010

You've been iced.

Down here in the South we like games. Especially drinking games. But last night, I felt old because I’d never heard of this new one. Until last night, that is.

It’s a simple game. It involves Smirnoff Ice. Hence the title, you’ve been iced. The rules are simple.

If someone gives you a Smirnoff Ice, you must drop to one knee and chug it. I think it is a game for boys. But girls can ice the boys. Boys can’t ice girls. I like this game.

You can’t refuse the ice.

So, my dear friends Sarah and Brandon iced their friend who was playing at 21st Amendment last night.

It’s Babes, Bikes and Bling in Fayetteville this weekend. As if Bikes, Blues, and Barbecue isn’t enough. Good thing I’m going to the rodeo!

Happy weekending!

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