Tuesday, July 6, 2010

...Igloo cooler mark your piece of paradise.

Summer weekends are just grand—especially holiday weekends. My weekend seemed jam packed, but Sunday and Monday were actually uneventful.

Here’s my recap:

Friday night: The rodeo! We headed over to Parson’s Stadium and met our friends Heath and Natalie for some rodeo fun. They are expecting their first baby, a boy, in September, and she’s so cute.
We even got picked on at the rodeo by the mc guy. We were the only people he talked to the ENTIRE time.

Rodeo guy: Are you guys a couple?
Us: Yes
Rodeo guy: How long have you been dating?
Me: Two years
Rodeo guy: Oh wow, two years!
Rodeo guy to Adam: What’s the hold up, buddy? Should put a ring on it!
Adam is now bright red. I’m looking at him laughing hysterically.
Rodeo guy to Adam: How old are you?
Adam: 27
Rodeo guy: Oh you’ve got plenty of time.
Rodeo guy to me: How old are you?
Me: 25
Rodeo guy: Tick tock, tick tock!
So funny. Heath was trying to get them to pick on Natalie by pointing at her stomach, but it didn't work. We were an easy target!

Saturday: We braved the lake even though it was pouring down rain. We met my friend Amanda at her lake house, and spent the day on the lake. Her neighborhood had a band and fireworks that night, and we didn’t pull back into the marina until almost 11 p.m. That’s a serious day at the lake.

Sunday: Since we had so much lake fun Saturday, we didn’t do ANYTHING Sunday until it was time to go watch the fireworks at the country club.

Monday: Again, didn’t do much. We ran around town after lunch. We stopped at Oops, which is a completely random store that I’m the last person to know about. I rounded out the weekend with a night of the bachelorette. Please don’t ever let me act like Vienna. At least not on national television. : )

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