Monday, July 19, 2010

Sister, Sister.

Creeks, casinos and a family birthday party. That sums up my weekend. It was jam packed. But what I’m really thinking about today is my sister. She’s a first-year teacher, and today is her first day with her kiddies (first grade). I got to see her this morning (I made a three-hour commute to work), and she was so cute. And excited. I’m so proud of her.
So, on this day, I decided to make a list of five reasons why it’s wonderful to have a sister.

1. An extra closet. This definitely deserves to be high on the list. Even though she’s not as close as I would like, we make it work.

2. A best friend who has to love you. OK…maybe she doesn’t have to, but having a sister is different than all your other best friends. Sisters KNOW you like no one else does. Knowing she will always be only a phone call away when I need advice. When I need to talk about how we are going to become old crazy cat ladies. She’s your family. She has to at least call me back.

3. Someone to boss around as a child. This applies to me, not her, since I’m the oldest. I’m still bossy.

4. Having someone who won’t judge you no matter what you tell her. You don’t even think about whether she will before you do. You can talk about everything. She understands when you’re 17 and your parents are driving you nuts. Because they’re driving her nuts, too. (Love ya Mom and Dad!)

5. Having the same memories to reminiscence about. Like waking up together on Christmas morning. Things we didn’t tell our parents. Sister secrets. Playing office or school. Barbies. Oh the Barbies. Too many Barbies. That’s probably where our shared love of the color pink originates.

I love my sister Kristin, Miss Priss, Nikki, K-dog (OK I never called her that), Miss Walker, and I’m so proud of her!


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