Friday, July 16, 2010

Biggest Loser, Round II.

Well, here we go again. I know. You’re wondering what happened to the 7 percent of my body fat that I lost last time I did this. Well, it’s back. Not due to lack of working out. Just not as much working out and not focused enough on what I’ve been eating.

And technically, the competition is not even called the Biggest Loser this time, but that’s what I’m calling it because that is easier than Company X Weight Loss Challenge. Plus, I already have a Biggest Loser tag. I wouldn’t want to confuse anyone.

This time, it’s much bigger. The whole company is involved instead of just my department. There are several chances to win hundreds of dollars. Money is the best incentive, right? I won $40 last time for losing more than 5 percent. This time, you have to lose at least 10 percent to win anything. I can totally do that in 12 weeks. The first weigh-in is today.

Plus, with my vacation a mere 36 days away, I have another great incentive: The Bikini. All day, every day.

Funny part? I designed all the marketing material for the competition. That means I have to be serious. Or something.

What does this mean for the blog? It means I will post my progress each week, and I will also post my place in the competition. I will be writing more about health and nutrition. I already do this some, but I did it more when I was doing the competition a few months ago, so I’m sure that will happen again. My goal is not necessarily to win first place, but to lose at least 10 percent.

I graciously brought donuts to work today to share with the ladies who are competing. I’m hoping this could add a couple pounds to my starting weight. : ) Is this a healthy attitude? Probably not. But like I said, money is in the picture people.

I’m thinking about taking a picture of myself every Friday, which is weigh day and posting it. Is this a good idea to track my progress?

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