Friday, July 30, 2010

I love Coffee-mate.

Well folks, it’s Friday. That means I weighed today. Not great. I didn’t even lose a pound…my total is now 1.28 percent. I’m not surprised. I didn’t do the best this week. That doesn’t mean I’m not disappointed. Oh least it’s Friday!

Here is one reason I love my job: the cafeteria!

In British voice: I love Grey Poupon.
Here I am with Grimace last Saturday.

I had to cut in front of sceaming three year olds for this pic.
Not really.
And here is my new love: Coffee-mate nonfat cinnamon vanilla creamer. Run to your nearest grocery store and purchase some. I promise you’ll love it if you like things that taste good.

And it was on sale at Target...due to
repackaging or something...
My only “planned” event for this weekend is a baby shower tomorrow. The boy is out of town for a bachelor party, so that means I will be forced to unpack my belongings!

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