Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer hair. (help!)

If you’re like me, you probably get bored with your hair. I am right now. I’ve been growing it out forever, and I know I don’t want to cut it. But I’m thinking about changing up the color. As in highlights. I’ve had dark hair my whole life (except for a brief stint in high school where repeated highlights finally turned my hair blonde). I know I won’t maintain them for long, so it would only be a fun, summer thing. And I hate anything with a reddish, orangish tint on me. So that’s out. I know orange hair looks terrible on me from experience.

My hair now:

Some ideas I have for my hair (and note that I like the hair on the Revlon box. I would NOT do this myself):

Here is the only picture I have with me right now that shows how blonde my hair was in high school (I obviously needed a touch up at this point). This specifically was my 17th Britney Spears birthday party. We were seniors. They surprised me. I loved Britney and really, really wanted to be one of her backup dancers. I thought about it all the time! I had the best friends in high school. Seriously. And I’m lucky to still be in touch with most of these girls.

Thoughts? P.S. I know the boy doesn’t like my blonde hair based on his response after showing him my senior photos.

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Anonymous said...

I love the first hair option. I'm not brave enough to color my hair... but I think yours will look fabulous if you do!