Monday, June 7, 2010

My (wonderful) weekend.

Friday: Foghorn’s for dinner with friends, country club for drinks, and to bed early after watching a little TLC.

Saturday morning: Junior League leadership meeting. So glad I decided to accept a leadership role. I’m excited about my committee and the upcoming JL year.

Saturday afternoon: Lake all day. We didn’t even tube or ski. We blew up the Caribbean island, and that’s all we needed. I think everyone needed a day to just sit back. Our only hiccup was the battery in the boat died. This was bound to happen eventually…there just happened to be 10 people on the boat this time. But it was an easy fix.

Saturday night: Dinner on Dickson and a couple of drinks (mine was a soda) with Sarah and Colleen.

Sunday: Breakfast at the club. I got new running shorts and ran three miles. The boy finally put his birthday hammock up. I love it. Thai food for dinner. Girly TV watching.

Now, let’s do it all over again…

Too bad I'm not here this week...

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