Monday, June 14, 2010

A limo-filled weekend.

I was driven around in a limo Friday and Saturday night. I guess that’s what it’s like to be famous. I think know I would like that. Maybe not the paparazzi part (who am I kidding…I would love that part), but definitely the limo part.

I planned to go to Little Rock Friday night, but at the last minute I decided to stay in town for a birthday party on the “party bus.” In case you don’t know, the “party bus” is like a limo, but you can stand up in it, dance, bring coolers, and be ridiculous.

But the highlight of my weekend was one of my Hendrix BFF’s bachelorette parties. So. Much. Fun. I finally made it to Little Rock around 4:30 p.m. Saturday. I quickly changed into my “Barbie” dress (thanks, sis!) as it was called all night, and we headed to dinner at Casa Manana. The next stop was at a home for wedding cake martinis, lingerie opening and getting ready to go out.

The limo picked us up at 8:30 and we drove around town for awhile drinking wine (beer for me, thanks). Our first stop was Star Bar, which is fairly new in LR. We ended the night at a bar below a piano bar, ironically named Deep. Or I guess that’s not ironic. It would be ironic if it was named High. Right?

Anyways, we danced the night away and ended up at The Fountain. OK, that’s not completely true. We technically ended the night eating Taco Bell while watching Kathy Griffin’s Life on the D List. That's success in my book.


• Katie getting carpet burn on her knees dancing in the limo.
• Everyone belting out Mariah Carey…You’ll Always Be My Baby.
• Getting lost in Little Rock. Yeah, I grew up here.
• Overcoming a certain situation with Alicyn and Audrey.
• The cakes Laura made.
• Katie refusing to walk across the street to Hunter’s car. So funny.

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