Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday thoughts.

  • I finally watched The Blindside last night. So good.
  • In fact, my outfit today was inspired by one of Sandra Bullock’s in the movie.
  • I’m having creativity problems at work.
  • I think that’s because I need a vacation.
  • I have no vacation plans for this year. : (
  • I wish there was a Gilmore Girl movie instead of a second Sex and the City. Why did they take something that was so done? It’s all about the money. I mean it’s not even in the city…but I’m still going to see it. I just hope I am not as disappointed as I think I will be.
  • I get really mad when meetings interfere with my lunch workouts. Example: I have to miss Zumba tomorrow. And my new Zumba shoes come in the mail today. You can see them in the picture. I’m so excited. About Zumba shoes. Yes. That’s me.
  • I used Harris Poll points to buy my Zumba shoes. Five years in the making. I only paid $12.
  • Today should be Friday.


Rebecca Ashley said...

Saw the Blindside last week and absolutely loved it!

I am thinking of getting some zumba shoes and I think that site references the shoes you have up there. They are the Nike Musique right? How were they to zumba in? If its the Musique I wanna get them or the Ryka Studio D. The Nike ones look better however.

Allison said...

Yes, I have the Nike Musique newest version. I love them! I was told to order a half size up, so I got a 9. I wear an 8.5 in regular shoes, but I always get a half size up in workout shoes anyways. And they look cute with jeans, too!