Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Master Cleanse=Failed

I tried. I really did. I even bought the book. And two pounds of lemons.

Cashier: "You sure are buying a lot of lemons."
Me: "I'm...umm...making lemonade. Yes, lemonade."

I will blame it on starting to get sick Monday. Not a good combo for 10 days of drinking a concoction made by myself. I did a lot of research about the Master Cleanse, and I would love to do it. But I’m not sure I ever will. It’s supposed to give you tons of energy and make you feel great. It’s supposed to remind you that you do have control. And that you don’t need all the “crap” you put in you body. However, I do not feel great. Can I survive 10 days of coffee-free work without killing someone? Probably. Will I ever do that? I’m not so sure.

Beyonce did it before shooting Dream Girls. I thought I could be Beyonce. Clearly I’m no Sasha Fierce. And I think that’s OK.

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