Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fatty Hackers

I just have to tell you what I did Friday night. After a delicious dinner at Guido's Pizza, we decided we wanted to do something. Well, it was me and three boys. So, I, of course, just went along with the plan. The boys decided to go to a place named "Fatty Hackers." It's a "sports bar" in Springdale.

First, you need to know it's in the Executive Inn. Yep, a motel. The motel is also home to Flapjacks, which is a breakfast buffet, obviously.

It sounds ridiculous, but it was so much fun. The place was bigger than your average bar. And it was karaoke night. And the average age of those performing was probably 50. We played pool and closed the place down. Despite smelling like an ash tray that hadn't been cleaned in 20 years, I'm glad I went.

All pictures were taken with my phone. I didn't have my camera. What? Oh, I need to mention that I talked to a guy who claimed to be Ron White's cousin for about an hour. I totally believe him.

Saturday was less eventful. We went to dinner at our go-to Mexican restaurant, La Huerta, and headed over to the Country Club for Kathy's retirement party. We love her and the French toast she makes for brunch. We're sad to see her go! Adam made a new friend. Her name is Katie, and she's 3. I'm pretty sure he was terrified of her.

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