Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wedding Weekend, Part II

Warning: This post is long. But I couldn’t leave a word of this out.

Best things about the wedding:

• The way Steven looked at Ragan during the ceremony. You could see the love on his face. Everyone deserves love like that.

• The way Ragan looked when she walked down the “aisle.” Beautiful and happy. When we were younger, I think our circle of friends (the fantastic five) would never have guessed she would be the first to get married. But it’s so obvious why—they are perfect for each other.

• Seeing my grandfather perform the ceremony. This was the first wedding I had seen him perform. It was definitely a blessing for me to see this. I was so PROUD of him. I admire my grandfather more than he will ever know, and he’s taught me more than he realizes.

• Catching up with old friends. Especially my best friend from high school—Kristen. She lives in New York (Brooklyn as of recently). I got to hear all about her life and fabulous job. I’m so proud of her. Honestly, I knew she would be successful. But it still amazes me at everything she’s done and how she’s achieved it. I think Jen and I are going to plan a trip to visit ASAP! Kristen’s the kind of friend I can see after a year, and it’s like we were never apart. I love her so much! And I love her new brown hair. I’ve seen many variations of her blonde hair, but I’ve never seen it this dark.

• Spending time with my sister, Kristin. I got to meet her bf. He’s fantastic. They were the bartenders at the wedding, and they were perfect. The bf made everyone laugh with his jokes. He’s British. I can see how happy she is, and you know that makes me happy. I’m so proud of her, too! I can’t believe she’s about to graduate college and become a teacher. I used to wonder when we were younger what she would be like when we were adults. I’ve loved watching her grow into the person she is today.

• Dancing our booties off. They had the Rock Band game at the reception. It turned in to karaoke. So. much. fun. I even sang? What? Well, I sang with a group of girls. There was also plenty of booty shaking music.

• Spending time with my bf. Life has been crazy lately, and it was nice to just relax a bit with him. I’m lucky to have someone who puts up with a girl like me (example: the getting lost situation I talked about Monday). He brings out the best in me. He makes me laugh. He’s taught me to not worry so much about the small things. He’s taught me what love really is.

P.S. Ragan got us the cutest monogram necklaces. I'm wearing mine today.
P.P.S. This is the snow we came back to.


Anonymous said...

I want your black dress. That is all.

Kelsey said...

How much fun is this? Looks like a fabulous weekend. Sidenote: I recognize Ragan from photos I recently saw of her. Apparently, her photog took the pics at a friend's wedding of mine, too, and I saw Ragan's shots on the photographer's blog. Cool!