Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are you stressed?

I know I am. It's a good thing it's yoga/pilates for lunch today.

I got my car back.

Now I need my new phone.

I leave for Vegas tomorrow night. Yay.

The photos are from our kickball game Sunday. Team Recreational Hazard lost. Badly. I don't even know the score. For some reason, we are in the competitive division. But I was the defensive MVP player of the game (according to Ragan). I made an awesome catch. True story.

Things to do tonight: pedicure, find a bag that is appropriate for trip (I didn't pre-pay for baggage, so I have to find a carry-on that's 9"x 14" x 22"), pack, figure out phone situation, spray tan, go to MACA with Ragan, go to Walmart for some essentials (i.e. alarm clock), miss kickball practice, go to the bank. And not in that order at all. I'm trying to figure out how to not stress out about everything. It's not working.

Yoga will help.

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