Monday, February 15, 2010

The Engagement Party Wardrobe Mistake

It’s official. I did something vey bad this weekend. Something that makes me a bad girlfriend.

You see, we went to an engagement party Saturday. I talked about it Friday. Adam asked me previously what he should wear. I said I didn’t know. He suggested I ask Katie. I didn’t.

Saturday, when he was packing, he asked me if jeans were OK.

“Sure,” I replied, not really paying attention to him. I showed him what I was wearing.

He said, “You always wear a dress.”

“OK,” I responded. And I didn’t think twice about it. Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking. I've just had so much on my mind lately...

We get to Wynne and run into Katie and Kent (the future bride and groom) at the hotel. We chat and say, “We’ll see you tonight!”

Let’s fast forward two hours later. "I should have called Nikki so we could ride with them," I said.

"Yep, you should have."

And then I would have known earlier about the wardrobe problem. We are sitting in the car messing with the GPS, and I see some people going to the engagement party in the lobby of the hotel. I think to myself—oh no, they are really dressed up. But maybe it’s just them. I mean, one of the guys was always dressed nice in college.

Fast forward 20 minutes later when we arrive at the party, which is at a beautiful plantation style home. I cringe as we drive up and see that this is going to be a little fancier than I thought. I like fancy, but I feel bad that I didn’t prepare Adam. Needless to say, he was the only guy in jeans. Adam's a pretty casual guy, but I know he would have been more comfortable in something a little more "dressed up." A few glasses of wine later, I don't think anyone noticed. And I think he pulled it off well. I’m so glad he’s a good sport. Because you all know if it would have been me…well, I would have been at the Walmart down the road shopping for a new outfit after I finished crying over my embarrassment.
We had a great time, and I’m so happy for Katie and Kent. I can’t wait for the wedding! (I might have taken a few photos of the portraits on the wall because I couldn’t resist the old photos of Kent. They were just precious.)

Everyone gathered Sunday morning for a breakfast at Kent’s parents' house, and we made the five hour trek back to Fayetteville. Sunday night, we rented two movies, had some Thai food and I cooked brownies. The movies were The Invention of Lying (fantastic) and License to Wed (good romantic comedy). We rented License to Wed because we started watching at the hotel before the engagement party, and we both wanted to see the rest. I can’t believe I got Adam to watch this movie!

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Live and learn! I hope you still had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Sooooo.... he got away with wearing jeans and you blamed yourself not him. Adam is my hero. Nice.