Monday, January 25, 2010

Moving day! And Mr. Jimmy Choo...

Well, it's finally time for Adam to move. We are going to move some small things tonight, and the moving people come tomorrow. Hooray!

I'm sad to say I didn't go to the Snuggie crawl, nor did I take any photos this weekend. I wish I had some from my Junior League retreat. We learned a lot about Children's House, did some work, and spent great time together. I can't believe the New Member year is half way over.

Saturday we went to Joplin, Mo., to get a washer and dryer for the house, and we went to see The Lovely Bones. I really enjoyed it, but the boy said it was just "OK."

Sunday was all about football...and a little bit about packing.

Funny quote of the weekend--We were talking about shoes last night while watching football...well I was while we had friends over for the football game...and someone mentioned Jimmy Choos. Adam said, "Who is Jimmy Choo?" I died. Shoes are not his thing, obviously.

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Hahah love it!