Friday, December 11, 2009

Party time!

This time of year is so busy! We had our work open house last night, and I went and had coffee with some of the girls after the party. I said yes to the whipped cream on my mocha. Hey, it’s Christmastime!

This is also Ragan’s engagement party weekend! I’m so excited. I finally used the Pier 1 gift card Adam got me for my birthday last year (yes, 2008) to buy some cute platters for the party.

At the open house last night, Kelsey and I met this adorable girl who is in the Paul Mitchell hair school up here, so we are going to go see her tomorrow for a blow out. It’s only $8 there! And her hair was beautiful, so I know we will be in good hands.

I have lots of prep to do tomorrow to get ready for the party tomorrow and to get my apartment ready for friends to stay. I can’t wait!

Happy Friday!

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