Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Online shopping

I bought the majority of my Christmas presents online this year, and I must say, I think my presents this year are the best they have ever been. Money is tight for most everyone this year, so I tried to really think about what each person I was shopping for would enjoy. I think my presents are perfect. Now, if only they would all arrive on my doorstep, I could relax a little...

In other news, everything is going as scheduled for Adam and the house, and he should close by the end of January. I also have big news to share, but I'm not going to do that until next week. Sorry!

Cooooooold...that's what it is in Fayetteville right now. Adam and I are going to Kansas City this weekend, and we have tickets to the Chiefs game Sunday. Adam brought me a pair of coveralls to wear so I won't get cold. Seriously? The boy is crazy if he thinks I would EVER do that. I think he knows I won't.

Most people who I've talked to about going to the game say the coldest they've ever been is at a Kansas City Chiefs game.

I think you can dress warmly while still looking cute. If I shove enough of those heat warmer things in my pockets and shoes, I will be fine. Right?

(image from KSHB-TV)


Anonymous said...

I did most of my shopping online and really got some neat things! If you're ever lost about finding a gift, I really like the Red Envelope. They have some really unique stuff!

Brittany Wood said...

To help with your dressing cold situation, I would recommend getting some long underwear (long johns if you will, but more feminine). I got mine at Target in the lingere section and they were amazing. Goes right under your cute clothes and they really kept me warm. I would still have the hand warmers in every pocket.