Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday, Monday

Is it already Monday again? I can't believe the holidays are so close. Those who know me know how much I love Christmas, so I was pretty excited when i got my first holiday Starbucks cup yesterday. Oh the little things...

It's so exciting to me to see the lights going up on the square and to hear the Christmas music start to play in commercials. I hope my love of Christmas never changes.

Anyways, I had a great weekend. Friday and Sunday were uneventful, but Saturday was a verrrrrrry long day. We headed to the game around 9 a.m. When we got there, we carried the food inside the stadium and didn't even think about the fact that we couldn't go back out to tailgate. Once you're in, you can't come back if you leave. So, Adam and I got some coffee (well I got coffee) and we walked around the stadium. It was nice to be there when there were very few people. The game was lots of fun because we won. After the game, we tailgated for a while, went to Sassy's and then went to Wasabi and had three different types of Saki. The sparking cold Saki was my favorite. After dinner, we stayed on Dickson and hung out with lots of friends we don't see very often. I was very, very tired Sunday.

Happy Monday!

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