Friday, October 23, 2009

Soup day!

I had the best bowl of soup for lunch today--baked potato soup from Atlanta Bread Company. Yum. I think the fact that it is 44 degrees and overcast made it taste better. I had soup for dinner last night, too. And I will have the leftover soup for dinner tonight. I love soup!

I don't really have plans for tonight yet since Adam is still sick. He better feel much better by tomorrow because we are going to Riverdance! I'm so excited. One of the women in my office had tickets, but she is out of town this weekend. She offered them up to someone in the office, and I gladly accepted. My grandmother is going to be so jealous because she loves anything Irish. I wish she was here to go with me!

However, I am doing something even more exciting tomorrow during the day--wedding dress shopping with Ragan (and a couple other girls)! We are going to have a fun, girly day. And then we will watch the rest of the Razorback game.

I just have to say I'm so happy it's Friday!

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