Monday, October 26, 2009

She said yes

I can't believe another weekend as gone by. This year will be over before I know it. That's OK, though, because I'm excited about next year.

This weekend was busy much like every other weekend.

Friday night: Uneventful because Adam was still sick. We rented a movie...well...Adam rented it and I spent a couple hours watching Say Yes to the Dress. I love that show. I was just preparing for Saturday's events.

Saturday: I met Ragan at her house, and we headed to Rogers to pick up Lauren from the hotel. Annslee met us and we headed over to She Said Yes. Yes, that's the name of the store. I think it's cute. We had a fabulous time, and Ragan bought a dress!!! It is perfect. We all loved it, and we wanted her to pick it, but we tried to remain calm about it so she could make her own decision. She tried on so many different styles, and they all looked beautiful on her. Honestly, every dress she put on was gorgeous. Well, none of us like the first one, but that was it! We had a great afternoon of Bellinis and Italian margaritas, and then Ragan and I came back to Fayetteville so I could get ready for Riverdance.

Saturday night: After Adam played golf with Thomas (Liz tagged along too), he met up with me and we went down to Dickson Street for dinner and Riverdance. We went to Feltner Brothers, which is a fairly new restaurant. Then, we walked across the street to have a glass of wine at the Walton Arts Center before the show started. Adam said the first half was boring, but I loved it all. He really liked the second half. It was a wonderful show, and I'm so glad we got to go! The show ended around 10 p.m., so we met up with Ragan and Steven AND my friend Kellie from high school, who I had not seen in at least a couple of years. It was so good to see her. After we hung out with them for a while, we met up with some other friends who were celebrating a different Stephen's birthday. Karoeoke was involved. Luckily, I didn't participate in that.

Sunday: We had lunch at JJ's with the boys and Liz, and then I left to go clean my apartment since my parents are coming up this week. Adam stayed all day and played numerous games of shuffleboard while watching football. I met up with them at a new location, Louie's, around 8 p.m. for dinner.

It was a great weekend! I'm already ready for the next!

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