Thursday, September 17, 2009


I blogged about this dress before. I love loved it. I bought it to wear to Saturday's Razorback game. I tried it on (sort of) after it came in the mail to make sure it zipped up, but that's about it. So, last night, I decided I would try it on and figure out which shoes were cute, etc.

It looks terrible. Absolutely horrible. The top is too tight and the bottom is poufy. In a bit of madness, amidst my meltdown, I decided cutting the straps from the back to make it a halter might help with the fact that I was squeezed into the top. It did not help, and I now basically ruined the dress. Adam would say I was being dramatic. I would agree. I proclaimed repeatedly that I was not going to the game since I have nothing to wear. I also said I hoped it rained all day Saturday. Neither of these are true.

I scoured my closet, and I really do have NOTHING else that I want to wear. Sure...I could wear jeans...but I don't want to. Not for the first Fayetteville game.

Therefore, tonight I'm on a mission. So, if you see me, step aside.

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