Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After six sunny days in Mexico, I'm happy to be home. We swam, we drank fruity drinks, we ate, we slept, and we had lots and lots of fun. There were no problems with our flights. We have all our luggage. The trip was a success.
We started the vacation off right with our second breakfast at the Houston airport. It was delicious.

View from our hotel.

This is the balcony on our last night in Cancun.

This is the fabulous Lord and Taylor swimsuit cover-up from my grandparents.

This is the view from our hotel's swimming pool.

I would say the worst thing that happened on the trip is because we were in the ocean for so long (the waves were enormous), my nails "melted" off and they are now a grayish color. I should probably do something about that soon.
I'm ready to start planning our next vacation. And tomorrow is Friday!

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